All Plans are Compliant with the 2015 National Building Code of Canada
All Plans are Compliant with the 2015 National Building Code of Canada
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About Us

About Us

Celine Cowan

Celine is the brains behind the operation here at Cowan Design and Drafting. She was raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and this is where her passion for design and drafting grew. Celine's father was a welder and an inventor, and she loved to work in the garage with him. After her first drafting class in middle school she knew this was a path she wanted to pursue. Celine continued to take drafting and mechanics classes straight through graduation and was soon accepted to SIAST (now Sask. Polytechnic), where she graduated with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Before diving into architecture, Celine worked designing various mechanical equipment and related structures for the forestry industry. In 2000 she was building her first home. She ended up taking it upon herself to combine her previous structural and drafting knowledge to create her own drawings. To Celine's surprise, she soon was receiving requests from others to do plans. With the downturn of the forestry industry, Celine found herself working for a structural engineering firm and took an additional part time job teaching drafting at SIAST. In 2006 she started her design and drafting company and has since grown it into a successful business. Along with designing homes, Celine has built quite a few of her own, each time trying new products to learn and understand the different options that can be offered to her clients. Celine works closely with many local organizations and is currently the Vice President of BILD Alberta Lakeland Region. Celine is currently enrolled with the RAIC, working towards becoming a licensed Architect.  She lives a very busy work life but does not allow this to take away from her family and friends. When Celine is not in the office, she is out and about with her husband, daughters, various furry creatures and other extended family members. There is always a renovation project going on at home and she is always ready to lend a helping hand to any who ask.   


Shania Pahlke

Shania is from the small town of Pierceland, Saskatchewan and grew up on a family cattle ranch along the Sask/Alberta border. Shania has hands on experience with construction having worked for a renovation company prior to attending college. She graduated from NAIT in 2016 with a Diploma in Architectural Technology and in 2017 she completed an additional Diploma at NAIT in Interior Design Technology. Shania started working for Cowan Design in May 2017. She worked full time until she made the decision to continue her education in the fall of 2018. She is now studying for an Associate Degree in Business Management at the LDS Business College in Utah, but returns to our office on semester breaks. When at the office, Shania does a wide variety of tasks. Most often she is going over final drawings, but will be tasked with anything from new floor plans to web design. When not at work or in school, Shania is found doing renovation jobs and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family.


Sven Toft 

Sven is from Sherwood Park, Alberta. When deciding where to further take his education, he concluded that understanding how buildings are designed and constructed would be interesting. He wanted to be apart of taking a concept and making it a reality. He soon graduated from NAIT in 2016 with a Diploma in Architectural Technology. In July of 2017 Sven relocated to Cold Lake to join the Cowan Design team. Sven often works on the more technical and structural side of our drawings. He was raised with and around a lot of technology and has become our in house 'expert' on all things computer related. Sven has a very chill and mellow demeanor and is always able to calm any stressful situation. Since joining our team, Sven has married and moved to an off grid acreage outside of the city. On his down time he is often gaming with friends, spending important time with his wife, and improving on his off grid home. 


Marina Veenstra

Marina is our youngest and newest addition to our Cowan Design team. Marina is from the small town of Maidstone, Saskatchewan. As a kid Marina always knew she wanted to be an Interior Designer, she was always playing with and designing homes. Marina attended the Vermillion Lakeland College and graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design Technology in 2018. Marina first joined our Cowan Design team during her 2 month internship. After completing her schooling she was offered a full time position and relocated to Cold Lake in the summer of 2018. Marina now does a great percentage of our interior designing, renderings, and overall visuals. She is currently enrolled at Yorkville University and will be working toward finishing her Bachelors of Interior Design Degree. In her spare time she loves to go visit her family, and spend time out on the lake fishing.     


Lyle "Jake" Jacobsen

Jake was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He grew up riding dirt bikes and snowmobiles. Jake was always learning how to fix and build different things. He eventually joined the Air Force as an Aircraft Electronics Technician. With this position, Jake was able to travel the world. From tropical islands to medieval Europe, he always found himself admiring the architecture. After retiring from the Air Force, Jake became a 3rd Class Power Engineer and does regular building maintenance at another location. Jake joined Cowan Design in 2017 and has become our relaxed, evening guy. Jake comes in and does our valuable Energy Reports and occasionally some building design. When he is not out working he can be found doing home renovations, camping, being out on the water, traveling, and spending time with his family.       

Nova Veenstra 

Nova is what we consider to be our office pet. She was adopted by Marina in 2018 and has joined us in our office ever since. Nova is 2 years old and loves anyone who brings her snacks. She is a little shy at first but once she knows she can trust you (or you give her a snack), she will lovingly greet you at the door. There are times that Nova tries to be tough and protect her Cowan Design Family, but she's all bark. Nova has been a great addition to our team and continuously adds comfort and joy to the office.