All Plans are Compliant with the 2015 National Building Code of Canada
All Plans are Compliant with the 2015 National Building Code of Canada
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 Q: What is an Energy Report?

A: Buildings must comply with performance or prescriptive paths as per section 9.36 of the National Building Code of Canada. Our energy reports are done using the Hot 2000 modeling Software. By performing the performance path, we have more flexibility in the materials that can be used than the prescriptive path. In most locations, the Energy Report will allow you to build for a lower cost while still maintaining your home's efficiency. 


Q: How many times can I build off of this plan?

A: Unless you buy a 5 year “unlimited” plan set you may only build one home from a set of plans. Plan licenses are non-transferable and cannot be resold.


Q: How much will this plan cost me to build?

A: Cost varies based on location. Plans have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing while being mindful of cost.


Q: How is the square footage calculated?

A: Square footage is calculated as per the RMS (Residential Measurement Standards of Alberta). Square footage includes all above grade areas measured from the outside wall. Second floors do not include open space but include stairs.


Q: Are these homes able to be put on different foundations than on the foundations in the drawings?

A: Yes. The foundations are based on section 9.15 of the 2015 NBC. Alternative solutions that meet section 9.15 are allowed, but would require new foundation drawings. If the new foundation does not meet section 9.15 it would also require the revised foundation plans to be imprinted with the seals or stamps of a registered professional in the province of the new foundation.


Q: Do you offer custom home designs?

A: Yes. Contact us for pricing and availability.


Q: I have some modifications I would like to make. How should I proceed?

A: Contact us for a quote for desired changes.


Q: Do plans come with a hard copy?

A: The basic plan does not come with a hard copy but you can purchase a package that does come with (8) hard copies. Hard copies are not sold without the PDF. Contact us for more information.


Q: Are these plans only available in Canada?

A: All plans on this site have been designed to the 2015 National Building Code of Canada. They can be used in other locations, but may not meet all local requirements.


Q: What do I need to start building my home?

A: In Canada there are different requirements as per Province and Municipality. We recommend a quick google search to check on your locations requirements. Typical requirements are:

- New Home Warrant Certificate

- Energy documentation (either prescriptive or performance).

-Builders License

-Construction drawings

-Plot plan